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Shining a Light

The Fund for Progress on Race in America Powered by United Way Worldwide

The Fund for Progress on Race in America will make grants for the following charitable purposes within the United States:

  1. Education and awareness about the causes and effects of racial divisiveness.
  2. The promotion of social and criminal justice reform for all regardless of race.
  3. The elimination of race-based bias and discrimination.
  4. Innovative approaches to address racism, including those with a focus on youth organizing.

What Range of Funding will be Available?

Community Grants in amounts under $20,000 will be awarded to organizations or individuals (through a sponsoring organization) working at the grassroots level. Grants of more than $20,000 will be awarded to tax exempt organizations to empower regional and/or national-scale work.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

The Fund will support individuals and organizations working on making progress on race. Eligible organizations must be exempt from federal income taxes under section 501( c)(3) of the IRC, or eligible to receive charitable contributions as defined under section 170 (a) of the IRC, including faith-based organizations.  Individuals would be eligible to receive funds through a sponsoring 501 c3 or 170a organization.

The Fund for Progress on Race in America is powered by United Way Worldwide, A+E’s fiscal partner.

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