Find and Support Your Local United Way

Three years ago, a core group of college-educated, civic-minded NFL players from across the country stepped up to help United Way recruit more volunteer readers, tutors and mentors in an effort to cut the high school dropout rate in half. Nearly 40,000 people signed up to help!

On behalf of kids everywhere, United Way says THANKS to these players who—throughout the football season—mentored kids, led volunteer recruitment efforts, attended stadium sign-up activities, visited schools, hosted real and virtual hang-outs and tweeted and re-tweeted to support the effort. Thanks for using your platform, voice and time to get more people involved in student success.

The 2014 football season will bring new opportunities for fans to join United Way and NFL PLAY 60 in making the next generation of youth the most active and healthy. Be the first to know by signing up for United Way TEAM NFL today!